Everyone has two sides, or do they? MJMW is short romantic thriller about a man struggling to connect the pieces of his life. He lives on the edge as hopeless addict and at the same time his soul is touched by charming Elissa, who admires his skillful photography. In his pursuit to garner Elissa's love, JMW must search for his true self even as he is forced to confront his dark side. Can he undo the consequences of his actions? JMW lives dangerously, loves passionately and hopes desperately - that he's not too late.

Cast :

James: James Allerdyce, Elissa: Airen DeLaMater, Anna: Teodora Cristea, John: Sal Tirico, Michael: Noel B. Austin, Jennifer: Sajini Sachariah, Negh Girl: Liviya

Crew :

    Produced by: Ritesh Parikh
    Director/Writer/Director of Photography: Ajayender Loka
    Screenplay: Ajayender Loka & Evan Kilgore
    Locations: New York/New Jersey
    Sound: Eric Mpasi & Make-Up Artist: Dhyana Forte
    Synopsis by: Elisheba Haqq-Stevens.