Pyar Mein Kyun

Pyar Mein Kyun is the story of Sarah and Abhay, who use their natural charm and beauty to attract each other for reasons other than love, then genuinely fall in love head over heels or do they? do they live happily thereafter? Romance may have run its course but does the love that develops between Sarah and Abhay stay alive? does it thrive in the hopes of a happier ending to the romantic thriller?

Cast :

Obaid Kadwani, Khatera Hakimi, Sonny Chatrath, Deena Zahra Safi, Michael Dean, Das T, Suhir P, Mehru A, Anant Goel, Lyle Noveda, Alan Kyle Goel

Crew :

Director/Writer/Screenplay: Hyder Bilgrami
Produced By: Ritesh Parikh, Anurag Jain & Anant Goel
Chief Assistant Director: Ajayender Loka & Associate Director: Neduntheevu Ponn Suhirs